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636334409287062136 1894658877 tumblr onqholfasv1toi8q8o2 1280 article
The Odyssey

Why “Kill Bill” Is One Of The Best Tarantino Films

This film is a full-blown masterpiece.

636296424330030812 947915922 what are the 5 love languages article
The Odyssey

With You Is Where I Wanna Be

A poem about being with you, and always wanting to.

636300765467204381648668423 o graduation facebook article
The Odyssey

Reminiscing On Freshman Year Of College

My last thoughts before I walk the stage..

636232992701291415 1792923831 636229009907942072 607269570 donaldgloveratlanta article
The Odyssey

Why "Atlanta" Is the Minimalist Show We All Need

This is a show for the century; it does not only reveal what Glover can do as a director, but what he will do.

636260155188998375842891534 breakfast club article
The Odyssey

33 Years Ago The "Breakfast Club" Met For Detention

And, it was the best thing Hughes ever did.

636241220439105137268171563 1200 article
The Odyssey

Riverdale: Jughead And The Lack Of Asexuality

I actually enjoy Betty and Jughead dating (#bughead), but I wish it was with asexuality.

636260093951253445328233009 nyer70314 1 762x497 article
The Odyssey

I Need An Umbrella

A poem.

63627144758181069329096592 lottery article
The Odyssey

Lottery Tickets

A poem about lottery tickets and the circle of life.

6362360598834987971451797916 dear white people 4 article
The Odyssey

Why We Need A Show Like "Dear White People" On Netflix

Across the internet, I have witnessed what I like to call ignorance... So, I address it.

Riverdale 101 02 article
The Odyssey

Riverdale: A New Look At Jughead

Jug’s sass is everything I hoped for and everything I want more of.

636215825158366112 1462072987 unnamed %283%29 article
The Odyssey

Why You Should Look Forward To "An Addicting Picture"

A man must prove he's not an addict after a psychic tells his fiancé not to marry him, all because of one picture.

636236019163928695 1201391648 cry020 article
The Odyssey

11 Musicals That Are Legendary

For as long as I can remember I have sung a tune to a film.

636211450990582396 866281620 636210976980583353 53370863 riverdale article
The Odyssey

Riverdale: A New Look At The Archie Comics

Jughead’s brooding exterior, mysterious vibe, and somehow attractive facial features are what keep me watching this show.

636187471007734358 1025544827 img 7495 article
The Odyssey

10 Aesthetically Pleasing Photos Of Corning, New York

This isn't your typical "Manhattan, New York" scene... it's even better.

6361129248083293571809158018 636111098916896287 1419434965 hands up correct article
The Odyssey

Hands Up: 7 Playwrights. 7 Testaments.